How the blog works

Learn how to write for us

We see our Insights Blog as a brilliant means of engaging with other academics, publics, and audiences around the world and actively involve our MSc students as well as other PhD researchers, post-docs and staff, in this process both as contributors and editors.

Each term we ask students to produce a blog posting on a topic of their choosing, perhaps drawing on events they have attended, current affairs, or literature they are engaging with but this is by no means prescriptive and we encourage creativity throughout the process.

Each term, masters students also join the editorial board. Overseen by managing editors, Elizabeth Alexander, Rachael Squire , Pip Thornton, Andreas Haggman, Steve Hersee, and Nick Robinson, the board holds termly meetings and works together, in conjunction with the author, to prepare posts for publishing either for this blog or our sister blog hosted over at E-IR.

The Process

Publishing on the Geopolitics and Security Blog

Designed to foster a lively research community within the department and to familiarise students with the mechanics of publishing and peer review, blog posts go through the following editorial process:

Article Submitted

Article written and submitted by author through the website interface. Editorial process begins.

Editorial Board

Managing editors send the article to two members of the editorial board.


The editorial board sends back comments and edits to managing editors.

Publish or Change

Managing Editors approve the article for publish or return article to the author for amending.

Required Actions

If the article has been returned for changes, the aurthor will have one week to make these and resubmit.